Betty Coe & Paul J. Cinquegrana Scholarship Endowment in the College of Education

An endowed scholarship established by Betty Coe ’64 & Paul J. Cinquegrana. The focus of this scholarship endowment shall be Education and, specifically, the academic disciplines of Business, Marketing, Computer Information & Technology, and Math Education.

Each year, one or more scholarships will be awarded to students at James Madison University with an aspiration to become teachers who help prepare middle and/or high school students for post-secondary studies in business and business-related disciplines. Candidates for this scholarship shall demonstrate their commitment to this career by focusing their studies during their fourth (or later) year – within the College of Education – on acquiring the requisite credentials (e.g., teacher certifications) to teach business-related courses, computer information & technology courses and/or mathematics courses at the middle or high school level. The following criteria shall guide the selection of recipients for this scholarship. Specifically, to be named a Coe-Cinquegrana Scholar, the student must:

-Have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) after at least six semesters of study at the time the student is considered for this scholarship.

-Demonstrate financial need, as determined by the University’s Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

-Engage in a course of study – in the fourth (or later) year – intended to prepare the student to teach one or more courses at the middle and/or high school level in one or more business-related disciplines (.e.g., Business Administration, Management, Finance, Marketing Education), including Economics and/or Computer Information & Technology.

-As a secondary preference, students who are engaged in a course of study intended to prepare them to teach Mathematics at the middle or high school levels may be considered for this scholarship.

-The appointment of a student as a Coe-Cinquegrana Scholar shall be made by the Dean for the College of Education, based on a process prescribed at the discretion of the Dean.

Beyond the above criteria, the appointment of a student to receive this scholarship shall follow the University’s guidelines for the awarding of scholarships; provided, however, that the following further specific conditions are here noted:

A student may seek this scholarship only once during a student’s college career at James Madison University. Because the scholarship is intended for students seeking to advance their studies in their fourth (or later) year of study for a specific purpose, interested students will need to submit a timely application/nomination in the manner prescribed by the Dean for the College of Education.

As the scholarship endowment grows over time, whether by additional gifts or appreciation, such that it may be appropriate to award more than one annual scholarship, in no case may the level of each annual scholarship award be less than Two Thousand Dollars.

It is intended that the scholarship decisions will be made and announced each year by mid-March, with the actual payment of the scholarship made in the fall semester following the spring announcement.

Betty Coe Cinquegrana ('64)